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What do we take from the past without change? What do we modify, correct, adjust? What do we create from scratch?


What specialsts and new skills are needed for rapid rethinking, post-war rebuilding and further development?


What are we rebuilding from the destroyed and with what changes?What are we building new? We biuld for what and for whom?


Who will live in the rebuilt communities? What is the attractiveness of new communities? How will revived communities be born and live?


RAF4UA (Rebuilding Acceleration Framework for Ukraine) - a set of methods, tools and organizational principles that will ensure the advanced post-war reconstruction and development of Ukrainian communities.

In what role can I join?

Rebuilding committee

If I feel ready to initiate the creation of the rebuilding committee or to join the established one. It will research needs, gather proven tools and determine a strategy for early postwar reconstruction and development of my community.

Most likely I'm: local deputy, local government employee, public activist, expert on urban planning, ecology, sociology, psychology, etc.


If our organozation or enterprise has sufficient professional and organizational resources to undertake the realization of accelerated development, the relevance of which is confirmed by the rebuilding committee.  

Most likely I'm: the head or manager of a public organization or private business, project manager or coordinator of local development projects.


If I, my organization or company are ready to finance one or more projects of early reconstruction and development of our community, for which there are appropriate implementers, and the relevance of which is confirmed by the local commettees of postwar reconstruction.

Most lkely I'm: business owner, project manager, international technical assistance project manager, head of charitable or donor organizations. 


Enterprices, institutions, organizations that have joined the movement develop, own and can provide tools (projects, goods, services, expertise, etc.) that promote the advanced development of communities and can be used in the postwar period of reconstruction of Ukraine.

Семиярусна гора

Initiators RAF4UA


Mykhaylo Voytovych

World of Communities, CEO
Management, analytics, gamification


Mykhailo specializes in developing product solutions for implementing changes in communities based on gaming participatory technologies. In the RAF4UA team is responsible for ideology, modification of old, production and verification of new products that promote and ensure the advanced development of communities.


Taras Tymchuk

OSWC, partner
Partnerships, facilitation, fundraising


Taras has been working as a facilitator to develop complex solutions with participatory tools for over 15 years. In the RAF4UA team, Taras supports the process of developing product solutions and establishing systematic cooperation with international donor programs and impact investors, which aim to revive post-war Ukraine.


Olha Bashniak 

NGO IPID, president
Educational and qualification programs 


Olga has been developing educational programs and designing educational courses for over 5 years. Coordinates a network of 300+ game facilitators who use game tools in education. In the RAF4UA team takes care of the development and growth of the expert community.


Oleksandra Husar

World of Communities, vice CEO
Finance, logistics


Alexandra has more than 10 years of experience in logistics and administration of finance, personnel, business processes. In the RAD4UA team also takes care of logistics, financial accounting and financial support of ongoing projects.


Yuliya Yushkevych

World of Communities, PM
Research, relations with communities


Since joining the World of Communities ecosystem, Julia has coordinated most of the field research and administered the relationships with the communities we work with on education and investment projects. In the RAF4UA team takes care of research, surveys and logistical support of online and offline events.